Our Customers

Hundreds of thousands of IT and support professionals across the globe rely on LogMeIn Rescue to support their customers and end-users. Rescue is a key component of support organizations both big and small spanning from major software vendors, resellers, telecommunications operator, and enterprise IT departments, to companies specializing in IT consulting and support.
Customer Support Centers
Good customer support guarantees customer satisfaction and retention. Today's top brands use Rescue to efficiently respond to inbound support requests.
Telecom Operators
Leading telcos use Rescue+Mobile to support mobile devices and computers. Rescue provides a single cross-platform solution for configuration and support.
IT Service Providers
Supporting multiple customers has never been easier. IT Service Providers can handle more support request in less time while keeping costs at bay with Rescue.
Employee Support
Shorter support incident times are within reach. Enterprises rely on Rescue to quickly solve problems and keep their employees focused on their work.
Healthcare providers rely on Rescue to ensure the availability of critical systems. Advanced encryption and unique access codes ensure HIPAA compliance.
With personal device use up and growth in online education, multi-platform support has become the norm. Rescue makes it easy to provide support on-demand.