Forward-looking colleges and universities are embracing shifts in mobility and distance learning. Supporting these initiatives requires IT to be everywhere at once — with a professor in his home office, with a student in the library, or as part of a learning management system (LMS) being used for e-learning. LogMeIn Rescue allows IT to keep up with these demands by allowing instant access to computers and mobile devices anywhere in the world.
Meet today’s top education challenges head-on with LogMeIn Rescue:
  • Fuel the success of distance learning programs with timely support for critical devices, applications, and online resources
  • Enable mobility on and off campus by supporting today’s most in demand devices — including Android and Apple iOS
  • Arm the helpdesk with tools that reduce student and faculty downtime in a secure, trackable environment
In today’s education environment, campus helpdesks must address technical issues across varied platforms in many locations. Multi-platform remote support can enable helpdesk technicians to solve more issues, more quickly, in more locations.