Today’s customer is well connected through social media, empowered to spread and consume news and opinions with a large network, but also impatient. These customers are putting new levels of pressure on telecommunications providers to focus on the impact of customer satisfaction and Net Promoter™ Scores. LogMeIn Rescue enables telecommunications providers to realize across the board increases in first call resolutions, reductions in average handle time, and industry-high customer satisfaction scores.
Meet today’s top telecommunications challenges head-on with LogMeIn Rescue:
  • Reduce inbound call volume and allow technicians to multi-task and service more customers simultaneously
  • Enable technicians to work together to resolve more issues on the first call with fewer escalations, repeat calls or expensive callbacks
  • Gain detailed visibility to better understand the customer experience and service quality, and drive higher CSAT and Net Promoter™ scores
Read the enterprise guide to smart support for smart devices and look forward to the results of effective mobility and a low TCO.