LogMeIn Rescue Customization and Integration Guide

Integration of Rescue and Zendesk

Integration of LogMeIn Rescue with Zendesk.com allows IT and support professionals to combine their ticketing system with LogMeIn Rescue's remote support.

A LogMeIn Rescue remote support session can be launched directly from a Zendesk ticket. The technician must generate a PIN code for the customer and launch the Technician Console from the Zendesk user interface. This allows the technician to have control over and troubleshoot the customer's device.

Once the support session has ended, the information is automatically sent from the LogMeIn Rescue Technician Console to the Zendesk ticket. The Zendesk user can access the details of any LogMeIn Rescue session by clicking on the item in the ticket for a particular issue.

For full details, search for LogMeIn Rescue Support for Zendesk on Zendesk.com.