Rescue In-App Support iOS SDK


What platforms are supported?

The In-App Support SDK is available for iOS and Android.

Where can I get help if I'm stuck?

Take a peek at our reference implementation, or contact your support representative.

I cannot instantiate sessions. What do I do?

Problem Action/Workaround
You did not provide your app's API key. See the Start Coding section on initiating sessions.
You provided the API key, but the session fails to start.
  • The key belongs to another app.
  • The key is not valid.
  • The key and the channel ID does not belong to the same company.
  • They key is disabled.

Check your key in the Administration Center by following these steps.

The SDK is not configured properly. See First Steps for setting up the SDK.

How do I create and manage API keys?

The SDK uses an API key to authenticate your app with Rescue. You must generate an API key for your app and ensure that it is enabled in the Administration Center to be able to use the SDK's services.

Do I need to configure the Administration Center?

You must generate an API key for your app in the Administration Center. Certain functionalities may also be affected by your channel and technician configuration.