Rescue In-App Support Android SDK


The Rescue In-App Support Android SDK allows your customers to establish a Rescue support session within your app.

Take advantage of In-App Support:
  • Gain access to end-user app issues and enable quicker diagnosis and problem resolution without the end-user ever leaving the app.
  • Optimize the customer experience with a seamless, intuitive customer support solution.
  • Reduce app abandonment levels.
  • Maximize customer satisfaction.
Tip: Developing for iOS? Take a look at our In-App Support SDK for iOS documentation.


The SDK enables your technician to use the following features with LogMeIn Rescue Technician Console:

  • Retrieve device information.
  • Chat with the end-user.
  • Send a URL.
  • See the app's screen.
  • See a video stream from the user's camera (depending on configuration).
  • Annotate the app's screen.
  • Use VoIP audio connection (depending on configuration).
    Restriction: The Rescue Technician Console does not currently support VoIP audio connection.
Note: When using the In-App Support SDK with your app, memory and CPU utilization, power consumption as well as network data usage may increase.


Tip: If you are not familiar with Rescue, get started with our quickstart guide. For advanced configuration options, see the Administration Center User Guide.

Developer Documentation

For detailed information, see the Rescue In-App Android SDK codelab.